Trial Class Policy

We do not provide trial classes.
However, we do offer the option instead to cancel at anytime and we will happily refund any remaining classes of the term!
Please note: Refunds will not be issued if there are less than 3 weeks left of the term.

Toddlers/Adults sessions:
These classes are setup as Pay as you Go (PAYG), you can book single or weekly sessions at a discounted rate!

Under 4s



Introduce your little one to the world of gymnastics,
Where they can discover & learn in a fun and playful environment!

These are Pay as you go, semi-structured sessions
– Parent/Guardian assisted.

Running on
Monday, Wednesday & Friday mornings!

Please note:
Parents/Guardians must supervise their child at all times.



Pre-school gymnastics is a fun, active way for your child will develop
the independence of learning the basics and fundamentals.

These are Termly booked, fully structured classes
– Coach assisted.

Running on Monday & Friday afternoon,
Saturday & Sunday mornings!

Please note:
Your child MUST be toilet trained if attending Pre-School classes.



Skill focus:

Forward roll

Forward roll to straddle stand

Backward roll


Handstand against a wall

Kicking up into a handstand


School Years 1 - Year 5



Skill focus:

Forward roll

Forward roll to straddle stand

Backward roll


Handstand against a wall

Kicking up into a handstand



Skill focus:

Handstand forward roll

Backward roll to front support

Round off

Handstand to bridge | Bridge stand up

Backbend to bridge

Bridge kickover

Forward roll on Beam


Skill focus:

Forward | Backward walkovers

Front | Back Handsprings

Front | Side Aerials

Dive rolls

Front somersault

Cartwheel | Walkovers on Beam

School Years 6 - Year 11


All Levels

Our mixed-level class presents a distinctive opportunity for older children with diverse abilities to train collectively,
exchange knowledge and elevate their gymnastics journey to new heights.

Skill focus:
Combination of all Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced skills – Groups will be divided to groups according to abilities.


16yrs & Upwards

All Levels

Our adult sessions are suitable for all levels and abilities,
Catering from Beginners and Advanced participants.
The sessions include a combination of Stretching & Conditioning (Strengthening), Floor basics, Handstands and Tumbling.

These are Pay as you go, semi-structured classes.

Running on Wednesday & Friday evenings!

Private Lessons

School Year 1 – Adults

All Levels

This is a 121 class, working on your specific aims and goals.

Price list:
(Rates are based on 1 hour sessions)

1:1 – £50
2:1 – £80

3:1 – £105

Interested in doing 2:1 or 3:1?
Please make your booking first and then send us an email to inform us.
– This will enable us to include any additional charges.

Availability on Weekends only, 3-4pm.